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    Switch NEEDS! Signs!

    I'm sure I'm talking to a wall but we as a community have to discuss it somewhere (is there somewhere else to get a point across to someone who will listen)

    Trove on switch NEEDS! signs in luxion next time he comes around! or a pack in the store or anything where we can craft or buy them.

    switch has more kids then any other server of trove an we badly need signs to help an set rules for the growing clubs that are leading the way for newer players, it's been 3 an half weeks an our community is growing like a wild fire an not everyone uses the known 3rd party sites an apps like forums/discord/trovesaurus to get info nor know where to go to get help or if something is broken an with this "hubdate" there nothing in the hub saying where to go for help.

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    Hey XxJoExX0,

    Thanks for your feedback and for stating your concerns. We will have a look into this topic and adjust "information flows" on the Switch if neccessary

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    Could we possibly have an update regarding this? It’s been over a month, and I desperately need signs in my club!

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