Dear Trovians,

Sir Dapper Duckington and his bee buddies left today, but we hope you enjoyed his stay and you managed to successfully defeat the invasion of the Waspiders.

Our developers have prepared a hotfix for us this week. In addition, don't forget to participate in our forum event "What are the bees doing in Trove?" until Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 9:59 pm UTC.
Also, don't miss your chance to win one of our Trove T-Shirts every week >>> HERE <<<.

The following patch notes are for Consoles only. Here's an overview of today's update:
  • A new helpful object has been added to the Delve Building! It provides information about objects and systems you might experience in Delves.
  • The mount "Smolder" now grants 100 mastery.
  • 'Memento: Buntopia' now grants 25 mastery.
  • The Runaway Egg!! mount can now be traded.
  • The Carrocket now has doors. No more decompression issues.
  • The Eggsurprise Shaker magrider now plays music.
  • The Green Sun Warrior in the Geode Hub has found his right pauldron and is now properly armored to protect this vital location.
  • 3 new allies have been added to the Dev Dream collection.

Have fun and #StaySafe!

Best regards,
Your Trove Team!