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Thread: Didn't get my Despoiled Divinity.

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    Didn't get my Despoiled Divinity.

    Hello everyone,,
    I beat Normal Shadow Tower and i got my Despoiled Divinity, but once i did Hard Mode i didn't get any Now i did start at the second boss with Hard Mode but i beat the Daughter of the Moon twice but yet i gained nothing https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/.

    I really want them for the costume i so desperatly want to make.
    Is there something i'm missing?

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    I like this change

    I like this change, I was getting bored of killing the same bosses every week. Now I can run these and mix it up a little. routerlogin Shadow Towers still exist but with no rewards. Shadow Tower portals will take you straight to the boss room now.

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    Hello Guys,

    I know that trove is not cross platform but will it ever be possible to transfer an account from xbox to pc (or another platform)? I have a 20k+ vanguard which I spent hours grinding for that I cannot use anymore since I play on pc.
    Thank you

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