Let's start the month of April right with our Big Faexion Easter Sale!
Are you wondering what this is? It's when Fae Trickster, the star of our new delves-biome "Crack the Court", meets our great golden dragon Luxion!

Enjoy the following offers only until April 6, 2021 at 4:00 am PDT / 11:00 am UTC!

50 Dragon Coin Boost with 10% off
100 Dragon Coin Boost with 15% off
250 Dragon Coin Boost with 20% off

Greater Dragon Cache with 10% off
11 Greater Dragon Caches with 15% off
33 Greater Dragon Caches with 20% off

The following Fae Trickster costumes are all 30% off:
Dark Fae
Ice Cold
Bee Trickster
F43 Trickster
Guardian Angel
Night Owl

Have a happy Easter on Trove!

Best regards,
The Trove Team!