Come and join Qubesly in the Bunfest pavilion located in the Hub.

He's waiting for you there, because our hoppin' friends from out of town are back and need your help. Among other things, you will have to donate chocolate to fend off the Shadowy Buns, go collect eggs that Liv has hidden in certain biomes or destroy the bases of the dang Shadowy Buns daily to stock up on Bunfest Tokens that will allow access to magnificent rewards.

But the threat is far greater than we could imagine. Our bun-frens have been evicted from their chocolatey den, they no longer have a home and no banner. It's a catastrophe! And guess who is responsible for all of that? The shadows!
Only you can save the situation by creating a gateway to travel to the Buntopia Delves and defeat these shadowy usurpers and thus recover their banner.

We know you can do it! Do not waste any time and get to work! Have fun during the Bunfest, which will end on April 13, 2021 at 11:00 am UTC!

You will find more information about the Bunfest in our FAQ >>> HERE <<<.

Don't forget to take a look at our shop to discover the new Bunfest pack, the Pastoral Picnic:

#StaySafe and have a Happy Easter in Trove!

Best regards,
The Trove Team!