Dear Trovians,

Even though the Crack the Court update is not yet released for consoles today, the developers have prepared a small hotfix for you.

Don't worry, the Crack the Court update will be coming to consoles soon!

In the meantime, check out the content of this patch and have fun in Trove while you #StaySafe.

The following patch notes are Consoles only. Here's an overview of today's update:

  • Mastery has been extended.
  • The Luckbeast mount and Lil Luckbeast ally for the St Qubeslick event can now be deconstructed.
  • The Last Taxi mount can no longer be used in delves.
  • Some monster models have been updated to refer to correct pieces.
  • Chaos chest rewards should consistently allow themselves to be deconstructed for chaos cores.
  • The Tiny Tim ally can now be deconstructed.
  • Some items are now looted automatically instead of needing to be picked up.
  • Fixed the description for the Harbinger of Heck costume for the Pirate Captain.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

Have fun in Trove!

Best regards,
Your Trove Team!