Hello Trovians,

All platforms are back online now after a maintenance!

February is almost over, what have you fallen in love with this month? Our team continues to work on upcoming events, bug fixes, and new content as we get ready for spring!

In today's update there are changes to Chaos Chest being tradable and deconstructable, so take a look below at the patch notes. Thanks for reporting and playing Trove!

  • Chaos chests are currently dropping tradable versions of some mounts. The existing drops will remain tradable (and not deconstructable). New drops from the chests will be untradable (but can be deconstructed).
  • Fowl Fancies and Spring Fling Packs are available for purchase from completion of the patch until 3/9 at 11 AM UTC.

Stay safe and have fun Trovians!

Best wishes,
Your Trove Team