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Thread: Ghost Knights - Recruitment!

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    Post Ghost Knights - Recruitment!

    Hello!, This is the Ghost knights recruitment Forum.

    If you'd like to join Ghost Knights, please contact me on Trove or Discord.
    -IGN And Discord starstruck#6729 / iAshl < - make sure to copy and paste that because there is a I and a L in my name
    Our club is Level 6 I'm coming back from a break, and we are going to climb again, looking for staff, looking for builders!
    If you'd like to know the requirements to join, we don't have any, anyone is available to join!

    If you would like to join our discord our server link is here - https://discord.gg/kHZhDDJ3QD

    I will be updating this forum in the future right now we just need STAFF and Members!
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