Hello, Stimer here. 12 days ago on Trove's Subreddit i posted analytics of how heads on Fae NPC look. Because of weird Forum's system of uploading images, i've decided to write it here.
Link to the image: https://i.redd.it/vduney3hftg61.png
If you don't want to look at this image - here's a quick retelling of main part

Alright, so specific part of Players know that fae heads look a bit... odd. Not in terms of how their design, but in terms of a big gap between head and body. Let's move quickly in article below:

The gap itself and how does it fit
This is the main thing. If we look at other humanoid rigs like biped_medium or boulder - we can see that there's almost no gap between heads and bodies. This looks natural and not that triggerful. Now let's look at fae NPC rig. A huge gap around 3-4 voxels between head and body. This was caused by the fact that none of these heads have NO attachment points (voxels that are colored with color 255 0 255 or #ff00ff). LITERALLY. NO. ATTACHMENT. POINTS. Because of it game automatically places it on x and y = x/2 and y/2 and z = 0 coordinates of blueprint. Because of it there comes another problem with unsynced head's position if it has more voxels placed assymetrically. And now we look at another thing called "fitting with class". There's a class named Fae Trickster which is basically Fae NPC, except that head is placed like how NPC Faes should have their heads to be placed! No, really, if you don't believe me - just launch the game, pick Fae Trickster class and go to Fae Forest to compare, you will see the difference.

This also gives the feeling that those fae NPCs are someone's slightly failed mod who's still newbie into modding and doesn't know about attachment points. But nope - official Trove Developers' choice. I know that they thought about keeping this as iconic design, but... really? keeping an oversight as iconic decision? If so - how about NEVER fixing ingame oversights with visuals? It's gonna be a good idea, trust me! Responding to every person that asks "hey! it's not supposed to look like that" with answer "ngah, that's intended" is such great way of forcing community to fix everything by themselves)): Amethyst Dragon Ogre using Sharkman's jaw? - that's fine; Emberdrake having big gap between tail and torso because there's a missing "_" symbol in model call? that's fine tho; Ifera being the smallest Leviathan because of minimal size value in binfab? - That's exactly what was planned!))

k, let's talk seriously: This needs to be changed. Why? simply because it doesn't fit and look right. Link to the image above shows how differently and better it looks if everything was alright... trust me... it will be good for both community and developers... hope it's gonna be heard and fixed... really... I hope...

I said everything what i wanted to say... good luck hating me now, because i've deserved it))