to give some background information: for about a week, I have been unable to purchase credits and specific items. Now, usually, this would prompt that I may have a block placed on my account, or the purchase is being verified, etc. In this case, I am constantly receiving 2 errors every time I attempt to purchase credits. I have tried ALL POSSIBLE METHODS OF PURCHASING CREDITS for PC, including Steam, Glyph in game, and the website. I contacted support about this issue, but the exact same person has sent me the typical copy paste response of "orders needing verification on Steam". I stressed that I was in fact not just having the issue with steam, from which eventually after a while I received a response with an identical copy paste paragraph from the exact same person. Now I come here asking: who do I need to talk to? I can make another ticket and try again but this does not seem like a typical issue at all, especially since no form of purchasing works. And support does not seem to be interactive.