I know the title isn’t the greatest description of whats here but please feel free to leave me some creative criticism too as i’m completely new to the trove forums and if i’m doing something wrong i want to know immediately but other then that i’m just looking for a decent way to trade with people on xbox one. On the other hand though i have no clue if anyone is after the items i have listed or they might be compete garbage but if in the off chance you find an item of interest please dm me or whatever it is that you do on these forums with your offer and lets see where we go from there yeah?

Heres what i have (or at least what i have and i think might be worth something?)

• 1x Skullboinger (Mount)
• 6x Handsome Heckings (Ally)
• 2x Electric Heckings (Ally)
• 4x Bashful Lovebugs (Mount)
• 2x Block Dragon Egg Fragments