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Thread: Didn't recieve starter class upon entering hub

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    Didn't recieve starter class upon entering hub

    Time: This was a few days ago, when I just started the game, I am only realizing now this is a bug
    Context: Did tutorial after starting the game, got into hub, realized I did not have the starter class I chose in the tutorial (Gunslinger). I realized this and, not knowing this was a bug, thought I had to use the free starter class coin in the shop to get a class.
    Expected: Complete tutorial, choose starter class, recieve class upon joining hub
    Observed: Completed tutorial, chose gunslinger, joined hub. Gunslinger said trial still, went to shop to claim free starter class coin to unlock GS
    IGN: vBlaze_
    Platform: PC

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    This happen to me too i was going to start a new play trough and i had chose tomb then i went to hub and got the coin with out me knowing i unlocked gunslinger then went to go to tomb raiser and it was on trial so im mad now that i cant play tomb raiser without having to make a new account

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    You can unlock the other characters as you play, which over time you will want them all unlocked anyway. You can pick up to 3 characters before you have to start buying the classes with credit pouches. You can grind flux for credit pouches as well, so you don't need to spend any real life money.

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