Dear Trovians,
We are glad to announce the opening of an official gamigo Trove Discord server!


1) Download Discord here (or if you want to use Discord via browser, simply navigate to
2) Create an account
3) Join the server by clicking the link below

Link to join the server:

Why? What will happen to the Trovesaurus Discord server?

As most of you are part of the Trovesaurus-Discord, you might ask yourself: What will happen to the Trovesaurus-Discord? Why is there a need for a new server?
First of all, we want to thank every single one of you being part of the Trovesaurus Discord-Community as well as everyone that helps maintaining and moderating it. You are amazing!
With the new Trove Discord server being opened, we are also glad to announce a new feature: Fan Projects, which is a community role to support and promote all kinds of players and fans who create content or environments for other gamers of Trove. We are happy to announce that Trovesaurus will be featured as a Fan Project from the start.
To avoid confusion or misunderstandings, we would like to briefly explain the intention of an official gamigo Trove Discord server: There is no intention in siphoning off members from another community, silencing another community or working against each other, instead, we are looking forward to work together and complement each other. Other communities (Fan Projects) - Trovesaurus being the first - will offer a broad variety of possibilities/channels that the official Discord server is not. With the Fan Projects feature, the official Trove Discord server will serve as a bridge/gateway to other communities, e.g. Trove communities from different languages (see Communauté Française Trovienne, which is featured as a Fan Project as well).

For more details about Fan Projects and how to apply, please visit the Fan Projects #FAQ on the server.

We hope you'll enjoy the server and as always: Please make sure to read through the #Code-of-Conduct before posting

See you over there!

Best wishes,
your Trove team!