Are you ready to handle the invading Heckbugs in love (or maybe not too much...) this year?

The Heckbugs in Love event will end on February 23, 2021 at 3:00am CET / 12:00 CET!

Warning! In order to be able to participate in the Heckbugs in Love event you will need to complete Qubeslick adventure quest line that has appeared after the new Hubdate.

Once you have completed all these Qubeslick quests, you will find the Heckbugs in Love event adventure series in your "Adventures" window (I key) in the "Events" tab:

Let yourself explore or be guided by this series of adventure quests to learn about the Heckbugs in Love event!

What should we do?
First, you will have to go to Geode caves to help save small creatures. Feed them, heal them, or cover them to complete your first Delve Quest.

Go to the Geode Sanctuary then in the lower floor, enter one of the geode caves:

By browsing them you will find small creatures:

You will have to feed them, heal them or cover them according to their need using the objects that you can either make in the Geode or that you will have received, simply by pressing the corresponding key:

Once this is done, you will receive "Preserved Pow Meat" as a reward. This meat will be used to summon a little sacred helper:

Very important, do not throw this meat away, as you will need it for the rest of the event! If you ever throw it away, you'll have to team up with another player in order to drop new meat on the Heckbugs!

Then go to the Dragonfire Peaks to defeat the Heckbugs infestation. You will recognize them thanks to their heart-shaped shield:

You will have to defeat them but be careful, this is where you will need your little helper! Summon it so that it breaks enemy Heckbug's shield and you can defeat them afterwards.
By removing the shield, some Heckbugs will fall in love with it or they will attack it and in this case, you will have to defeat them.
When they fall in love, they disappear and you have a chance to receive one of the mounts or allies they have on them.
When they are upset, you will need to defeat them and they may give you a Skittering Heart Box which can also contain a mount or other very useful items.

Always stay on your guard, invasions of bugs will also come straight from the sky!

Good luck to everyone !