Qubeslick has prepared plenty of culinary projects for St. Qubeslick's Feast this year!

Take part at the St. Qubeslick's Feast from March 9, 2021, from 11:00am UTC until March 23, 2021, until 11:00am UTC.

Follow the series of quests to discover our St. Qubeslick's Feast event!
You can find it in the adventure book (I key) under the "Events" tab.

  • At Qubeslick.
    Meet Qubeslick in the Hub World in Event Venue:

    It is at his place that you can buy various very useful items for the event:

    Behind his back, you will have access to the Vegetable Sink:

    You can craft items there that are useful for making certain delicacies for the event.

    And finally, next to it, the Min-E-Bake Oven:

    To make the delicacies you will need for the vent there.

  • St. Qubeslick's Sevenspices.
    You can find St. Qubeslick's Sevenspices by completing dungeons in "Treasure Isles" biomes or by Qubeslick for Flux.

  • Washed Totter Tates.
    You can make them in the vegetable sink:

  • Luckbeast Haunches.
    You can find them by killing Luckbeast in the "Jurassic Jungle" biomes:

    But beware, these Beasts are invisible, you will have to eat food from the event "St. Qubeslick's Delite!" or "Feast of St. Qubeslick" to see them.

  • St. Qubeslick's Delites! and Feast of St. Qubeslick.
    You can craft them in the Min-E-Bake Oven:

    You will need to eat them in order to be able to see the Luckbeasts in the "Jurassic Jungle" biomes.
    When you consume them, you will see it appear in "Food" in your character window (C key).
    St. Qubeslick's Delite!'s duration is 15 minutes.
    Feast of St. Qubeslick's duration is 2 hours.

  • The treasures of Luckbeasts.
    Each Luckbeasts carries treasures with it that you can collect by killing it.
    These are two allies: Lil Luckbeast and Lil Fluxbeast as well as two mounts: Luckbeast and Fluxbeast.
    We leave you the pleasure of discovering them with your character in Trove!

May the luck be with you!
Happy St. Qubeslick's Feast to all!