Dear Trovians,

It sure has been a busy beginning of the year.
The Trove team has prepared a lovely patch to kick off this month, plus something special in the stores to check out!

With the arrival of 3 legendary dragons on consoles, we are offering an incredible Golden Dragon Effigy >>> HERE <<< that you should definitely not miss out if you haven't completed your collection yet.

Prepare to dive into the deepest delves. An all new pack has hit the stores, take a look in game or find out more >>> HERE <<<.

Trove is overloaded with fun, features, and much more. Please take a look at our patch notes below!

PC Patch Notes

• The PWN-E mount item requirement has been removed from the Infinium PWN-E recipe.
• Fixed the seagull's head for the Crocolyte costume for the Dracolyte.
• Added the Delver's Delight Pack to the store. This repeat purchase pack offers 5 Freerange Electrolyte Crystals, 1 Advanced Tracker’s Potion, and 2 banners. The "Drakish Drekar" mount has had the engines retuned and should no longer periodically combust.
• Fixed the Trotting Turkey delve boss Memento to be worth 15 mastery instead of 5.
• Fixed the tail for the Radiant Night Light mount.
• The name of the hat and weapon for the Steve Skillet costume are now consistent with the costume's name.

Thanks for playing, have fun in Trove!

Your Trove Team