Dear Trovians,

Let's kick February off in style with a big update coming to consoles!

Our console players will now be able to experience the "Deep Dragons" update.

Behold the 3 new beautiful dragons have made their way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Check out the patch notes below to learn more about them. An incredible promotion for the Golden Dragon Effigy is also available just in time, learn more >>> HERE <<<.

That's not all! So many amazing items are here, so prepare to dive deep and discover what's new in style with a brand new pack! Read more >>> HERE <<<.

What are you waiting for? Spread your dragon wings this week and fly across Trove! Play safe and stay safe Trovians!

Console Patch Notes

  • 3 new dragons have been added!
  • Amatrix, The Hexed
  • A Legendary dragon whose fragments can be found from creatures in Amperia and Neon Underground delves.
  • Vaentaera, the Perpetual
  • A Legendary dragon whose fragments can be found in the chest in Volcanic biomes
  • Fragment drops increase at lower depths, but stop increasing at depth 150.
  • A.T.M.O.S. –D-R4C'
  • A Legendary dragon whose fragments can be found from completing dungeons in Cursed Skylands.

  • A new category of mounts has been added to the Mount Taming Bench: Carpets!
  • Carpet Talismans are found very rarely in The Understacks in Delves of Depth 120 and deeper.
  • Collect all 8 of these biome themed travelling tapestries.

  • Banner Styles associated with each boss can now be obtained in Delves.
  • Recipes for these styles drop from the bosses, and can then be accessed at the Delve Workbench.
  • Hydrakken's Guidance and Flakbeard's Flag have had their appearances upgraded.

  • Completing dungeons in Dragonfire Peaks now gives a chance for a “Volcanic Vaults” Gateway.
  • New "Stable" Delve Gateways which open at specific depths (from 20 up to 136) can now drop rarely from dungeon chests.
  • Recipes to create Delve Gateways for specific bosses have been added to the Delve Workbench. Unlocking the boss’ associated Memento in Delves unlocks the recipe.
  • Uncommon (green) and Rare (blue) mementos now deconstruct into Uncommon and Rare "Condensed Memories," which are used to craft these new gateways. (Epic (purple) mementos still deconstruct into 5 Pressure Locked Delver's Caches).
  • "The 'Enterprising Novella' who can appear in The Understacks now also sells a Delve Gateway which opens to The Understacks.

  • 5 additional new mounts have been added to bosses in Delves.
  • Removed a second instance of Captain's Quarry appearing in collections.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing allies from appearing properly on the Featured Item Workbench.
  • Adjusted the description for the Crabby Cabbage in the store.
  • The PWN-E mount item requirement has been removed from the Infinium PWN-E recipe.
  • Fixed the seagull's head for the Crocolyte costume for the Dracolyte.
  • Added the Delver's Delight Pack to the store. This repeat purchase pack offers 5 Freerange Electrolyte Crystals, 1 Advanced Tracker’s Potion, and 2 banners.
  • The "Drakish Drekar" mount has had the engines retuned and should no longer periodically combust.
  • Fixed the Trotting Turkey delve boss Memento to be worth 15 mastery instead of 5.
  • Fixed the tail for the Radiant Night Light mount.
  • The name of the hat and weapon for the Steve Skillet costume are now consistent with the costume's name.

Thanks for playing, have fun in Trove!

Your Trove Team