Hundred percent agree with you filmflammed I'm 790 mastery too and as of right now I'm missing a few creature mementos (more specific purple pod) and a couple biomes (more specific again corners of qbuthulu) as the rate at which these 2 mementos do not spawn is incredible they need to be changed so spawn rate of them are much more efficient to farm (even with 133 private portals for corners doesn't help) so it would be nice for the devs to increase those (i also understand that mementos are end game points and are meant to be hard) but at least make em spawnable for farms since its impossible right now

Along side the 300 scales for the new carpet mount that was a terrible idea they didn't even check console markets before guessing how much were gonna need. I'll mention it again pc players use fishing bots which makes the scale market and glim market complete trash on pc but on console there is few to no bots that have even close to that amount so it needs to be changed.