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Thread: Here goes nothing its 2021 its a new year brings new changes.

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    Post Here goes nothing its 2021 its a new year brings new changes.

    The design of this post is for all platforms to have ideas from the community put in place (if possible). If you have an idea of what you would want to see added/changed in 2021 post it here, fingers crossed the devs will see this and work around with the community on this. For example changes I would like to see throughout 2021

    1. Promo mounts such as Yabaki and Mizaia, Breath of the Evergreen not to be exclusive to some events 3-4 years ago
    Fixed by: Making codes for example streamers to giveaway or even as a event but don't just make it a one off

    2. Monoliths breaking in delves where not all mobs will spawn and ruin the delve portal
    Fixed by: being able to reset the monolith if you hold the active ability button so that all mobs can respawn.

    3. Bomber Royale should have Battle XP not normal dungeon XP. Now I understand that some people find that annoying but hear me out, your giving bots access to level up on PC easier and giving them more chances to exploit other parts of the game it doesn't fully address the issue with bots in Bomber Royale but it slows other issues.
    Fixed By: Removing XP from Bomber Royale and adding PVP XP

    4. A new system for Streamers/YouTubers, now I know the old system was a small bit of a cheese but it can be improved where as before streamers could give away all the codes to one person they liked. Trion did also tackle the issue by removing mastery for streamer dream allies which they all had 10 before the issue was made. Streamers/Youtubers with different tiers should be able to claim some codes on a 2 weekly basis for example someone with a following of 250 Followers gets 3 of each streamer dream box and 1 dev dream, 500 followers, you get 5 of each code and 2 dev dreams 1000 followers, you get 10 codes and 3 dev dreams, 2500 followers 20 codes and 5 dev dreams and max tier being 5000 that gets the original system of 30 codes along side with a 1 Chaos coin/ 1 Soul Dragon with 5 dev dreams. The reason why I bring this system up right now is all you promote is 2 people i can think of which is scyushi and Lord Faffy with the referral codes where new players sign up with their code and they make a cut out of the money they spend. And its not fair for smaller streamers that have to rely on giveaways they may not be able to handle just to grow (I generally try my best to give streamers albairns, fortrass's mounts flux or streamer dream boxes but I've to take time out myself and do work to get the codes to give to the streamers for them to giveaway which I wish you guys had a system for to fix all this)

    Fixed by: Looking at the streamers/Youtubers that actually promote the game in a good way and help the community and see if they promote trove videos on a 2 weekly basis and reach each requirement.

    5. Fixing the bot issues on PC I like bomber royale but hate it on PC as its always filled with bots, that's not the only issue you also see its also the fishing bots on PC, your new carpets mount was based off the amount of scales that are on the server but theres fishing bots that will change that value dramatically say Pc has 3k fishing bots (i don't know actual numbers) but say they get 1 scale an hour that's 3k that value rises if you look at console you maybe have 500 scales pulled an hour and that's not even bots that's players so please just watch figures from PC and console and have an average because nobody will have 300 scales on console as theres so little amount of scales over PC bots
    Fixed by: Having an Anti Cheat in place for bots or valuing items more for consoles values over PC

    This is a long post I'm well aware and I hope this comes across and some new changes for 2021 thank you for reading and don't forget to post your ideas and thoughts down below.

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    6. Fixing the bugs from changing from geode to combat mode give a very bad seizure in the flashing of the hud in a delve and stop the bug where you can't jump or use your abilities
    Fixed by: Unsure

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    7. When opening trove and clicking Play,Credits,Switch Players it seems to not work at times and when you move on the xbox menu it moves up and down on trove when it shouldn't.

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    8. Nitro chaser banner should give bonuses for breaking nitro with turtle tank or bombing the ore rather than just lasermancing the ore.
    Fixed by: code it so bombs work with that banner

    9. Make crystals and shadow shards bonuses stack with the monday bonus as vaccum level 10 doubles crystal but only gives 2 crystal on a monday if you vaccum rather than the 3 you would get if manually pick them up on that day
    Fixed by: stacking vaccum bonus with the monday 2x or 3x crystal on vaccum sucking

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    10. Bring back Chaos coins, it was a nice feature to have tradeable and untradeable chaos coins in the game as chaos chests felt worth while now we get some materials and a mount we probably dont need chaos coins would give more of an incentive to actually buy chaos chests from the store and it wouldn't break market as there untradeable chaos chests
    Fixed by: adding chaos coins (untradeable/tradeable) back to the loot table

    11. We want more dev livestreams you managed to do a 30min stream for trove 2 weeks ago why not make it a regular thing? In a time like these where we are all in lockdown setup a stream at home and have fun with it like the old devs did.
    Fixed by: learning how to stream from home and have fun and give out prizes

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    Could use a couple of quality of life updates.
    1: legendary tomes/ mastery tomes, either have it switch to the next available tome when one is filled or have a tab that hides all the filled up/ sleeping tomes, when you are trying to switch to the next one quickly when you have them all isn’t easy when you are in the middle of legendary tab currently in Xbox
    2: map legend, maybe have it be able to hide so a good section map can be fully seen
    3: maybe a working invite system on Xbox, currently you need to add the person in a club or friend and join them through that, not in the Xbox pop up invite or it will not work/ crash the game with next world change

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    On the topics of quality of life. I'd like to see
    1. As you mentioned the auto tome switcher that would be very nice to have in place
    2. Convert mods to console on of the main reason why pc trove feels a lot better than console trove (I play both) is because mods personally I like the enhanced Ui mod, the tracker mod for items, earth gem mod, and enhanced boss tracker for cursed skulls mobs and mob health. This would honestly be such a game changer for console it would be insane to have and would be appreciated alot by the members of console

    This list will keep being updated till i can't think of much more but ii would appreciate a dev to read and comment on this so that way we know there watching what people want

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    A lot of great ideas.
    Trove is dying because people have nothing to do. The fact that mastery after a point means nothing makes grinding out the game pointless.
    Why bother getting more then 100 geode, why bother getting 50 percent of the items in the game.
    Just get the cheapest easy things till your par with the players who have everything in terms of dps.

    I have 100s of people in my groups who log in for 5 minutes a week looking for something to do.
    After 5 minutes they are gone for a week.
    That is the single most important thing this game needs to fix.
    Why play?

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    The main reason why I played trove was for being a completionist and helping the community, without my friends/clubmates ect I doubt I would keep playing as mastery means nothing to us anymore I'm 790 mastery as I just would like to be no.1 Mr like i was before delve mementos came out

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheezingmuffin9 View Post
    The main reason why I played trove was for being a completionist and helping the community, without my friends/clubmates ect I doubt I would keep playing as mastery means nothing to us anymore I'm 790 mastery as I just would like to be no.1 Mr like i was before delve mementos came out
    2000 delvs ago I needed 8 mems. I need 8 mems still after trying everything. From rumours to known things to improve odds.
    I am done. There is 0 way to get them as far as I know.
    Yes people have them but they were before changes were made etc.
    I also have 790 mastery but that’s where I will stay until a dev talks about this subject.
    I will not be one of the people who gets 300 scales either as that is not a fun or practical thing to bother doing.

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