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Thread: im stuck i only get lv 8 equipement (im lv 13 in a world uber3)

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    im stuck i only get lv 8 equipement (im lv 13 in a world uber3)

    you read the tittle please help

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    Equipment leveling in Trove is a bit different. It only goes to lvl 10 and there is no lvl 9. So lvl 8 is about right for where you are. As your character levels higher and you do higher ubers you will see lvl 10 more often. There are other options to increase the power of your gear too. You can get gear that goes up in "type" such as shadow, radiant, stellar. You can also increase the stars on the item by upgrading in a forge. Then you can add pearls of wisdom in an enchanted forge to also increase it's stats.

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    Crystal gear will reach level 20 and you can also pearl and star it but i only recommend starring C4 found in delves vaults past 115 depth

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    You just have to keep grinding dungeons, picking up gear, and then once you get to where you can open gem boxes, you have to "socket" the gems in the gem tab to increase your PR. Most of the players PR comes from Gems, only so much of it can come from gear. Gems > Gear.

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    That's how trove works, bud. Shadow (10) is the highest you'll get as of now.

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