Create faction gems, starting from Candoria Takeover scenario that I suggested. #JackNicholsonForCandoriaOverlord

Class gems would work this way: Candy element gems makes your character Candoria faction. Neon elemental gem makes your character Neon faction. Seashell elemental gem makes you Pirrot faction. Each week, one of 3 factions has a bonus on its gems stats, making you favor gems of the weekly faction.

Check my post about Team VS Team Boss Fight. The way it would chose players and sort them would be depending, first, on their selected faction gem. If too many players with the same faction gem are queued, split em in 2 teams, including other factions.

Neon, seashell and chocolate elements would have perks against certain types of bosses in U10, still in the Candoria Takeover scenario.

Neon, seashell, Chocolate, would each have strengths and weaknesses against one another.

Smaller faction gems would be blank, factionless, and empowered faction gems would have each a loot box of its own type, with 3 or 4 different skills/buffs each.

The gem could look like a jar or a bottle, and be filled with chocolate, neon or saltwater.

Each week, players who made the most exp for selected weekly faction would get leaderboard rewards.


All 3 factions would power on neon, saltwater or chocolate, which all would give health regen % instead of health %, and health regen instead of max health. That's the whole point of the story.


Maybe there should be a 4th faction gem: Sagely infused gems and empowered gems.

Defeating all 3 elemental world overlords would give enough faction power over a team to be able to meet the Candoria overlord with enough power.

And all 4 would give enough team power to defeat... An Eldritch responding to Cthulhu beyond DOTM in Shadow Towers, returning some glory to the ST's.

All 3 elemental world's defeating boss storyline would be that the boss lends you its power so you can defeat the Candoria overlord, a bit like in Final Fantasy stories where Ifrit and other Espers gives you its power when you defeat em. Once you defeat Candoria overlord, it too gives its power so to defeat Cthulhu-sent eldritch.