If theres a flux glitch the devs fix within 10 hours but the chloromancer has been unplayable for over 3 years and they havent done anything about it. Please take the time to consider these things

Fix chloromancer plants so they stack, and maybe fix class gem.

Allow empowered gem boxes to be obtained alternatively without timegate.

Fix chaos sparkes to be crafted without lunar souls with a item that isnt timegated.

Fix Bound brilliance so that it can be crafted so its not timegated.

Fix fae trickster so that its single target at least competes with gunslinger by changing class gem to now buff its damage passive it does less then gunslinger which is aoe when its firing single target when it loses 50% of its damage when hit.

Once a month look at the forums and community with the dev team in a meeting and really consider what things are getting complained about so the game actually gets patches regularly instead of taking 3 years leaving classes unplayable and entire segments of the game broken.