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    IGN: SupplyRabbit402
    Platform: Xbox One
    Region: North America (US) Album with all 7 screenshots:

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    Smile Gifs

    Nick: _azkor_
    Platform: PC
    server: North america < album with all photos

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    My Submission!

    Region:Account was created when I lived in NA but I live and Play in EU with Europeans at this current time so I would imagine EU
    ^ Is album of all 7 photos

    Merry Christmas!

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    IGN: Seplod
    Platform: PC
    Region: EU

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    Thanks to everyone who participated!

    Those with valid entries have been granted their reward directly in the game and per private message in the forum. If you did not receive a reward, please review the rules and good luck to all next time!

    Thanks for playing Trove!

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