My gamertag is Fae Queen XII starting at 11:30am EST, 11/17/20. The first day of Turkeytopia, I'm always so excited for events, I load into my club world, by myself. But when I try to dress up my all my characters: every class all level 30 except 3 that are 25-28. I open the collection page and all Staves, Swords, Bows, Guns, Fists, Faces and Hats lose their "favorite" status. I quickly go through the lists favoriting again. And after changing to a new class, sometimes just after opening collections again on the same class all weapons, and hats have lost their favorite status again. I've seen this happen at the start of every event. Mounts and Allies stay favorited. Try opening collections favorite 20 things from separate Staff/Sword/Gun/Bow biome styles, favorite 20 hats from each style. Close the list switch classes, maybe twice, and reopen collections. Favorite status will be removed from all weapons and hats.