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Thread: Gems random pr even though its all steller need to get removed

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    Gems random pr even though its all steller need to get removed

    I have full augmented full 25/25 steller gems and it took me months of playing just to find out that they are garbage stellers and that steller gems actually differ from one another. this needs to get removed I am literally never going to roll to get the perfect perfect perfect gem just to waste another 4 months leveling it just to spend another 3 months augmenting all of them again. im not the only one a lot of people realised this too late after fully maxing their gems. the random extra pr different from one steller to another shouldnt exist. a steller should be a steller and not have some weird star variation as well. you're literally losing players because of this

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    I don't disagree with you, but it's unlikely that gems currently in play would be updated to include a missing pip considering previously, so you'd still likely need to upgrade a new gem if you wanted to max it out.

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    Too Many Factors that effect gems, especially empower gems

    1. Evrything related to empower gems are time gated

    2. Some Gems have 2 stats drops with are mosly common and other 3 ( witch effect a lot in gameplay)

    3. In aditton that they recive a random boost per level, (in some gem it might be one on other it might be 2 to give a example)

    4. When trying to level gems above level 15 it come relly steep and starts to consume high resourses, charms help this but there also timegated and you have a chance for 1 garenteed level up per week if you grinded the lucky cat in leaderboards or meet its requierments.

    5. Fixes or augments are also random increses 1,2,3 ( are very inconsistant).

    6. Fixes or augments are expensive.

    7. Fixes and augments are time gated (bound briliance) and if you got the tome

    8. Rerolls are very random ( i had to reroll a stats like 5 times because it kept giving me hp percentage and hp, also the same aplied to the cube boost mechanic)

    9. Rerolls are expensive

    10.Rerolls are time gated (on monday reset 1/7 days x7 more difficulty)

    11. Cube rerolls ( Boost ) are x2 more expensive then stat rerolls )

    12. Getting a gem box is time gated (by these i specificly mean empower gems) [ you have a 1 day witch is monday to get gems free, thats1/7 days x7 times more harder finding the one you need]

    13. Elements chances,( example you need a stellar air gem and you get a cosmic, water and fire instead of the one yuo technically multipliing the difficulty to get the gem you need times 4) ( if you had a 1/25 to get the gem you need with element you have a 1/100)

    14.Stats (their are 5 difrent stats and in game you mostly just use 3 with curent metta, and whow class abiities also pet abilities and the whole game in general is mconstructed making 3 stats majorly unhelpfull) making times 5 times harder finding the exact stats you whant.

    15. The ability you whant (there are like 11 difrent abilities on gems if im not mistaken, making the dificulty of getting what you whant times 11)

    16. Stats have a random percentage on them (some could be at 1% while others are at 50% their agument and that stuff but their really expencsive and even more expensive the lower percentage and time gated).

    17. Cube stats (or stats that recieve the boost has less percentage increse from augments then stats with no Cubes (boost) incresing expensivness even further).

    18. In aditiion the boost is a random amount and is not the same on all gems (very low consistancy) example some gems might have a 20k pd on a stats while other do not have more then 17k pd even when fully augmented and cubes (boosted).

    19. Some gems have higher stats gain then other per level (im not talking about boost or stat percentage here)

    20. Augments or boosting percentage has a very low stat boost (as in example you got 900 light on a gem fully cubed and has a higher stats per level then other gems but got 1% on stat percentage increesing it to 100% will give you no more then 1k of light) i be honest i would espect atlest a 50% stat boost if i get a gem from 1 to 100% especially when augmenst are expensive and timegated, and you can only use them if you have the bound briliance to do so and if you gt the time which just give you 5 per week giving a stat literly 5 or 15% only once per week depending on the augment you use and how much.

    21. Some gems drop in 2 or 3 star ( Intensly affecting their stats in evrything that i mentioned) more or less a 2/3 to get a 2 star gem rather then 3. times 3 more dificulty)

    22. Their the chance for radiant gems more or less their s a 2/3 youll get a radiant per box (with all these thing i mentiond also afecting them times 3 more difficulty)

    23. Pr in gems witch is affected by all stats boost etc, even dragons like the primal ones, witch is random and very inconcise as you can see, in witch most stats and pr comes from gems and that this pr is important for leaderboards rewards, lasermacy, and the sub effectivness.

    Gems are insanly RNG and are too much for somthing that is esenciall in gameplay and needed, this is esecially pay to play mechanic, and that in adittion that gems play a major role in charcaters effectivness, and that there literly 90% of your stats in the whole game also pr.

    Gems are a serious problem, in expecially empowergems, and infulence too much in gameplay, wee need less rng wee need less gems and more gear

    essecially the corect way to develop a game like trove was making gems only 30% at maximum on all stats of a character and pr that means that that 20% would come from character level 20% on colection like dragons and allyies porions emblems etc, and that the other 30% would come from gear (properly is equipment)

    as a side note:For the love of anything more levels we need more character levels the level been static for 4 years now in level 30 ( that is counting since i joined)

    Note: Im Talking about gems in general, but the evrything related about gems halve influence in pr

    In the end their like a 1/ in a million chance to get the gem you whant or is impossible one of 2 lol, also their nothing as a perfect gem or gems, because youll find each drop had more stats then what you have , or is less the what you have, at most and barly mediocre gem is more fitting to concept.

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    respone to what thelgmo said: indeed, but its a lot better then fliping your chances against 23 diffrent gem factor with a whole universe of varied stats between them never being able to actually get a max sts and wasting galaxies of resouces on gems that may or may not have the best stat in the game

    also i do notice a lot of player quiting , i myself stoped after i found this out now im just active somtimes and other days i dont bother with logging in this game. i replaced this game with DC universe and Destiny 2, more ever when the transmog is in dc and in destiny is going to be added in a few days.

    This game has potencial, a lot, its just not managed properly (this game is a 20 dollar bill that is waiting for its excellent economist, manager, investor ) [ 20$ can turn to millions if well managed]

    just cheking foroums and patches in hope of some mega overhaul or somthing that fixes the problems, if u focus too much of your time in this game and feel that this game has potencial, it gonna be toxic for you and will spill your beans each second you even think about it like me..... so im just gonna pop now and then and no more untill somthing worthwhile come up.

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    I have 4 sets of fully augmented best ratio gems.

    If I had to make a set from scratch today there is 0 way in hell I would do it again.

    I think a way to truly max a gem that had 2 stats at level one then someone fully augmented to its max not knowing it was a garbage gem should have a option to be augmented to true max.
    That’s a far trade and does not effect people who would feel it was made to easy. Have a way at the end for these people to get whole.

    Rerolling stats is and always was stupid. Why is this rng?
    Moving your stat boosts around being rng is stupid as well and never should have been.
    You pay for a item to may not get? That’s a dumb game design. It’s really dumb....

    The rest in ok with as you should have to work for the best gems but getting shorted because you did not know to have 3 stats and not getting what you pay for should be changed.

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    Yes gems are annoying but I have all 16 classes maxed with "perfect stats" on the all the gems. So it is possible just time consuming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForgottenLegacy View Post
    I have full augmented full 25/25 steller gems and it took me months of playing just to find out that they are garbage stellers
    so you committed 3 months of grinding without knowing how to use the gem forge? what sort of mistake did you make? empowered abilities? number of boosts (how you managed to not notice?) I can't imagine what you could've flubbed.

    Quote Originally Posted by eturn View Post
    Yes gems are annoying but I have all 16 classes maxed with "perfect stats" on the all the gems. So it is possible just time consuming.
    omits the fact tradable treasure boxes containing bound brilliance from prior events are no longer tradable.

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