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Thread: Account Wiped

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    Account Wiped

    After I stopped playing for several months, I came back with my account deleted. I lost all my items, club worlds, and my class progresses. This same thing happened to one of my friends but, he sent a report and got his account recovered. So, could the same thing occur for me?

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    In this situation, you need to go to https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us/...00198383-Trove and click on the "Submit a request" button, where you have to add all the required information

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    I sent a ticket last night before I got off and got a reply from the support team. So, hopefully I get that fixed sooner or later

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    Hi, same happened to me, they are working on a fix, and I really hope that's gonna be fixed soon because I paid some stuff and would like to get it back, plus all the progression, dragons, souls and inventory...

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