Here's a treat if you've been tricked too much by this event! Take a look through our FAQ.

Our big Halloween event has just started, the Shadow's Eve!
Shadow's Eve 2020 event lasts from now until November 4, 2020 at 4:00am PST / 1:00 p.m. CEST!

Reminder! In order to participate in the Shadow's Eve event you will need to have completed the entire Qubeslick quest line that has appeared during the new Hubdate.
Once these quests have been completed, you will find the Shadow's Eve questline in your "Adventures" window (I key) in the "Events" tab:

Let yourself be guided by this series of quests to discover our Shadow's Eve event!

You will also find plenty of daily quests as well as the Shadowy Station in the Event Hall in the Hub world.
Don't forget to explore the basement of this spooky building!
If you don't know where it is, check out point 7 in our Guide - Home Hub world.

Search for special Shadow's Eve dungeons and collect Candy Corn from Pumpkin Dungeons so you can craft lots of interesting items at Shadowy Station.

And don't forget to collect pumpkins, also for crafting, from the large pumpkin heads in Cursed Vale!

Lastly, to complete your collection of materials, you will also have to venture into Delves with help from the "Delve Gateway: Greater Balephantom or Refracted Balephantom" in order to fight the purple boss monsters that will appear there and may drop Purple Torches.

You will receive your first gateway by completing the Lunar Condensate daily quest, and you can also receive it by crafting Unstable Lunar Condensate at Shadowy Station or killing purple bosses in Delves.

Go and discover for yourself all the items available at the Shadowy Station and above all, don't be too scared!

Have fun on our Shadow's Eve 2020!