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Thread: My delving mount works intermittently

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    My delving mount works intermittently

    At first, I admit I didn’t know I needed a special mount especially since my Bounding Bundt Cake and Unhurried Undertow did a phenomenal job of flying through the delve, all be it intermittently. I was new to the game and I saw glowing blocks so I assumed there was some sort of stunt put on certain delves that wouldn’t allow me to use mounts in those delves and would in others. That was quickly disproven when other people had no problems with their mounts. Then I wasn’t able to use my mounts any more, at all. I was clued in that I needed a delve mount, felt like a moron but was hoping this would solve all of my problems and it has not. I bought my first Budding Delevant mount and it also works intermittently.

    This is frustrating, I want to work towards getting better gear but there is no way I can keep up when I have to walk every delve, and I refuse to be carried the whole way.

    To be clear, My mount will usually work fine the first few delves, then it gets wonky. I have
    1. Bought And equipped the proper mount during the delve
    2. Stolen/swapped controllers with my husband in case it was my button (my button was fine)
    3. Restarted Delve
    4. Restarted game
    5. Restarted Xbox- I gave up and tried another day with no luck
    6. Changed my batteries
    7. Attempted to change mounts in delve to reset it with no luck

    I hope there is something I am overlooking, please help!

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    I'm not sure if this is your problem but I was having the same issue when I first starting doing delves. If you enter geode mode by interacting with certain NPCs or hitting whatever button you have it bound to (left center button is default) it wont allow you to use your mount until you switch your mode back, my best guess is you're accidentally entering geode mode and then that's blocking you from using your mount. I could be 100% wrong but thought I would share what helped me out in this situation, hopefully it works and if it doesn't hopefully you figure it out soon, best of luck.
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