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Thread: New 7500 pack. Dressy dragon Pack

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    New 7500 pack. Dressy dragon Pack

    Pack includes a few costumes and a dragon iffy.
    Top mastery hunters if they want to stay top mastery have to by a iffy in this pack that they don't need.
    I already have a few iffys that I have had for over 2 years with no use. Now I have 1 more.
    Why are we being forced to buy a item we don't need to go with the mastery items we have to buy?

    The 3 new costumes which are really 3 1/2 costumes at best since all have 2 items not 3 are bad costumes at best.

    I don't understand the thoughts behind this pack. We are literally forced to buy a item that is the most costly item in the pack that is of 0 use to most of the people after mastery.

    I do not like that the most valuable item in this pack is of no use to the customer who would by this pack.
    At best these 3 costumers were 2000 credits.

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    This whole pack is a bad joke. Not only for adding a dragon effigy just to push the credit price to 7500 without not even lauching a new dragon for so long (we used to get new dragons all the time with trion) but also because it is the third freaking pack in a row one week after another, how can f2p players keep up with this? 4 million flux per week and for the 7500 pack around 10 million flux to get it f2p way. In game economy on credit pouches are being destroyed by this. Prices used to be 200k each before this pack after pack money grab frenesi gamigo is pushing, now if you're lucky you can find it for 350k minimum, but good luck having enough flux to it all.
    It took a while but i guess it's time for gamigo to start to go for a more aggressive store.
    After so long, i'm out on my post 500 on the forum. Have fun, i know where this goes.
    IGN: _Ethernet || /joinworld Etherion Temple

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