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Thread: Before adding new content, please fix lag, crashes

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    Thumbs up Before adding new content, please fix lag, crashes

    So today I had school off because there was a hurricane warning, so I decided to play Trove. Since it’s Delve day, I decided to do some delves. However, I was only able to get one of them done because of how bad the lag was. It took a long time for the world to even load, and I was being flung around while I tried to defeat the enemies.
    Eventually, I was able to reach the boss fight and I summoned it. However, I got a huge lag spike, and after about 2 minutes of waiting, I suddenly died. There was only 30 seconds left on the timer so I had no chance of beating it.

    Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with the lag (I’m a veteran Trove player so I’m used to the lag), but the delves have a time limit. If the game ran smoothly, then a time limit would be great because it increases the pacing and puts you ‘in the zone’. However, if the game lags and crashes a lot, then there should not be a time limit.

    Devs, if you’re reading this, please do something to fix the lag! I have two possible solutions. The first solution is to remove the time limit from delves so that lag won’t be as big of a problem for completing delves. The other solution is to completely rebuild Trove on a newer game engine, as the current engine is the reason why Trove runs the way it does. Everyone’s stuff could be transferred by using an interpreter method of sorts.

    I do not care if we don’t get new content for a few months if it means that the lag is fixed. I’ll also be content with the delve time limit being removed as well because that means lag won’t screw over my progress. Devs, if you’re reading this, please do something to fix the lag and crashes!!

    Here’s a video showing how bad the lag can be: Dipsh!! Lag
    (global chat isn’t blurred so there may be bad words)
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    Will watch the provided video and let you lnow about my opinion.

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