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Thread: Unyielding not working in dleves

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    Unyielding not working in dleves

    Hey there,

    Running deeper depths with the higher terror levels seems to negate a tank's unyielding effect. We know some levels have no death defy, but it is noted prior to the first room which this isn't.

    Not sure if this is on purpose or not, but we were assuming it's a bug as it renders tanks like the Candy Barb down to basically just being cone dropping, support characters which are effectively useless.

    We have a few people who have built Candy Barbs and feel that the characters they have built and all other PD chars for that matter aren't really as useful if at all in the deeper depths.

    Please look into the unyielding scenario and advise if this is a glitch or not so if they need to abandon them and rebuild something else they can. Or if it is a glitch they can carry on and we can have more options available at the more challenging depths.


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    Any update on this valid question?
    A entire class was made useless.

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