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Thread: Delve objective: Reach Cursed Skulls

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    No, do not remove this at all.
    Why would you want a easy game dumbed down more. I like this as it adds some kind of race feel to the end game purple runs.
    Not sure what PC is up to but I hear you guys are glitching the boss and cheating the game with out being banned.

    How about the delvs make a list of the top people then watch them the following week and ban the president of the highest club cheating the delv boss with a big old boot replacing their hub??
    But Im not on PC so its just a rumor to me.

    How about this.
    In easy you just need to clear but in challenge regular you need all 8 people in the boss room and all 8 have to be able to damage the boss.

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    I agree we should be able to teleport to the boss after the first quest is complete without racing to the boss. They need to change something because people aren't doing delves anymore. More people are leaving trove or not doing delves every week. At least let us teleport to the boss in private delves immediatley and keep it in challenge for purple.

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