What do we offer?
PC Club
Over 400+ Members
Delve Runs
Helpful Staff
Weekly Giveaways
Monthly Raffles
Level 9 Club
Max Existing Fixtures
All Crafting Tables
Beautiful Club Hub
Everyone is Welcome!

Mortalise is a community club meaning we value each and everyone who is in our club! We strive to keep members engaged with weekly big giveaways, Fun Mini Games, helping new players/returning players get back on their feet, Sharing great guides to assist members (written/visual), Active Discord servers for offline involvement. Highly trained Staff to help with any issues/problems/concerns.

Come give us a try, I promise you, you wont regret your decision!

Club Discord - https://discord.gg/bH7uk3c

To join
Send a Msg in Discord - Echorim#6711 or Reinpot#3646
/Whisper me if I am online

Vice President
- Echorim