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Thread: Neon city hourly chall still bug

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    Neon city hourly chall still bug

    since the new event come out
    every Neon city hourly chall is bug, it cant be done,
    it have be a day now.

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    Friday and still bug, sadly...

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    Hi both, may I enquire as to what bug you are experiencing and have you submitted a relevant bug report to the team with said information so they can look into it?

    If not, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    If the hourly challenge is Neon City (0/5 - 0/40 - 0/99) and we do a dungeon it not count. Its like a eternal 0/5 challenge. I think this is happening to everyone (you can see people say at /1 chat - chall bugged???).

    Sry my bad english.

    Google translate version: in the hourly challenge the challenge of completing dungeons in Neon city is not long enough to finish the challenge. So it remains an eternal 0/5. I believe that every server is like this, because several people are asking in / 1 (chall bugged ???).

    Thanks Kibayuki.

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    Confirmed not working over the last half week or so. Tried just now at 2:15 EST and not getting credit. Also, post on Reddit from 4 days ago also confirmed not getting credit.

    Basically, any dungeon you complete when the challenge begins, does not count towards the 0/5 so you can't complete even the starting 5 dungeons to progress. The counter stays at 0/5.

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