Nothing is hotter than summer, but what's cooler than some fall savings!

Plant yourself down, dig deep, and harvest the rewards to raise your Trovian culture. Keep it cool and grow into some specials before summer ends.

Get 33% off fantastic mounts:
  • Seed Sower
  • Mechanized Hydration Tractor
  • Horticultural Harvester
  • Mobile Melon
  • G.R.Y.P.H. 3000
  • Bovine Buildmaster
  • Rocket Drill
  • Land Scaper 8000T

Score 25% off spectacular tomes:
  • Empowered Gem Box Edition
  • Jade Clover Journal

Zoom over soon and take advantage of these Trove deals starting at 4:00am PST on Thursday, August 27 until 4:00am PST on Tuesday, September 1!

Have fun,
The Trove Team