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Thread: Trove is dying...

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    Exclamation Trove is dying...

    Seriously. The game is not being updated like it was before and the global chat and forums are really inactive. Do you think that we can revive Trove somehow?

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    Console wise we still get a pretty penny amount of new.players joining the game an playing, how long they are staying isnt really stated but our numbers still look okay, idk for pc but the only way trove gets revived is if some awesome content that no one thought we needed gets added an brings people back or Trove 2 comes out an breaths new life into the game with a better game engine.

    Maybe stepping away from the voxel look an go to a more cartoony look (like valorant or overwatch) to catch the eyes of more people who dont wanna play a "worst minecraft" as I hear that alot when people compare this game to orhers.

    The big big issue is no endgame, im going to name a few thing that other MMO have for endgame which is PVP, getting new gear that drops from the new top bad guy to kill the top bad guy faster, Guilds/clubs(communities) replayability(different classes), endless modes, side quest(WITH LORE!!!!), prestige/prestiging, Completionist type collectables, building, maybe it's different but bossing.

    Trove really does have alot of these things already an do most of them well, but why does our endgame suck? Maybe our honeymoon phase is over by time we notice that we have been playing for years (nearly 4 years for me) it took me nearly 4 years!! To complete trove which imo has been a fun endgame an a fun game play but you do have other people who play for 1 year an say they have nothing to do which is on the person.

    Idk if anyone who needs to see this will read it do to the thread title being said alot bcuz trove has been "dying for years now" but imo we NEED prestiging in trove as we are always getting xp all the time an itll add to our current endgame as something else we can go for, adding new costume at a certain class prestige or adding a new color name to people who say prestige 5 classes at least once and maybe even adding a even more prestigious color for prestiging all classes a certain amount of time. Ideas up in the air I guess

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    Everybody except trove team saw this coming.

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    Everyday we got new Trovians coming in and ask "Where is Cornerstone" and "Where is Moonglow Grotto", I don't know what do you mean by "Trove is dying"... ...

    Credit Pouches supply is still plentiful and almost everyday got someone said they bought a pack with $$.

    However 2 things this game really needs instead of some low quality events and 3000 Credits package to force top people recharge frequently and keep up. Because, we don't see Trove MR ends at 500. We see it as "completion" and "true goal".

    1) Class proper rebalance so there is no more "Delves Magic Class superiority" and "You don't use DT to farm U10 you are out".

    2) In-game "Handbook" instead of asking people go to Trove Forum, Trove Wiki, Trovesaurus, Steam Guide, and Youtube with mostly the same 2-3 people's contents. Just press a button in-game, people will know how Gem System actually works.

    What kind of goal they should aim at casual/startup (10k PR to farm Stellar non-cosmic gems, and god, please remove 2 starting stats Emp if they really don't serve a purpose or "fun" factor) and what kind of end-game goal they should aim (please make reroll/flaring more friendly bcs MH% > MH > MH% > MH > MH% > CH is not fun).

    If this team got someone who knows Photoshop and designing interface, they can do it. Just please don't ask volunteer/outsider works for free. It is a profession, especially working on "official" handbook.

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