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Thread: Cant upgrade gems

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    Cant upgrade gems

    It isnt letting me upgrade the gems that are in my inventory

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    Hello Hyclea,
    Could you please provide more information on the problem such as the steps are you taking in attempting to level up the gem.

    Normally you should be able to level up your gem by following the specified directions shown on the gem tab in your character sheet. (On PC it says to drag a gem into the upgrade slot, not sure what is says on the PS4 version)

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    So you cant drag on ps4 so you have to click on them an clicking on them normally does nothing at all so you have to exit completely an reopen the menu an try clicking again until it works.

    Same issue with you are trying to equip a gem aswell, nothing happens when you click the gem to "drag" it

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    Ok thanks for the report, I'll pass it onto the team

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