Qubesly & the Moon Goddess are seeking help through a series of 6 adventures during the Lunar Plunge event. Join in the fun for Lunar Plunge from August 4 to August 18, 2020.

How to participate in the event?
During the event period, enter the game and view the first adventure displayed on the right side of your screen. You can also find the new adventure listed in the adventure book (I key) under the "Events" tab.

Complete the entire Adventure series for the incredibly special event mount!

How do I receive Lunar Drops?
You may find Lunar Drops in Fae Forest across the lands and by picking them up on the ground.

Stars will also fall randomly across all of Trove's adventure worlds.

What can you do with Lunar Drops?
Gather your Lunar Drops and head to the Radiant Dayspring in the Hub to craft various items! See the Wishing Focus and Wishing Tree Sapling event items available.

Wishing Tree Sapling:

A special seed that grows into a magical tree that can be harvested to help buff your Trovian.

Wishing Focus:

Channel this wishing energy into your Wishing Tree to help it grow.
You can activate the Wishing Focus by placing it on your action hotkey bar instead of a bomb by using the corresponding key.

Take good care of your Wishing Trees and they can grant you some Scrolls of Wishing for special buffs!

Remember - Lunar Plunge lasts from August 4th until August 18th at 4:00am PST.

Prepare for fun in the Lunar Plunge!