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Thread: PC account lost data

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    PC account lost data

    Hi, I logged in after a while to Trove but all my progress are gone. When I login, it asks me to choose a new name. I already sent a ticket to the support 4 months ago, and they said that it would have been resolved soon, but they gave me no ETA.

    This is an image with some information about my account.

    Ign was JustFearr.
    Thanks to whoever helps.

    After googling for a while, I read a post on reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/Trove/comme...progress_lost/) which said that I only had to put a new name, and so I did. Everything was there, problem solved.

    Too long Didn't Read:
    Just choose a new name when you are prompted to do it.

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    Hello JustFearr, Glad to hear you got it all fixed! Thanks for playing
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