Not sure if this is a bug, or if it was removed but...

Spike blocks do not seem placeable in cornerstones anymore.

This is very detrimental to my gameplay as I make dungeon cornerstones that players have enjoyed for years now. I make my cornerstones for others and not myself. I have spent alot of money and time into this game on creations like this, I have 15+ levels in one of my cornerstones that I have been building for over 2 years now. Alot of my time has been on this creation and similar ones like it. I can not finish my work in the games current state, and unfortunately do not wish to play anymore if this is a permanent thing. Over the years I hoped more blocks would be allowed in cornerstones such as lava, but waited for some time to see it happen and it never had.

When I say I put money into the game, I have almost $2000 into this free to play game just to enjoy it freely as I have. I do hope this is fixed or if it is permanent and won't be regarded as an issue, I simply won't play. I enjoy making savvy creations for others to enjoy and club worlds just don't rake in the players as cornerstones have.

I have made many friends via my creations and not being able to finish my work is very frustrating.