This is an odd issue for me. The issue occured when I switched to another PC. It feels like my club menu is not updating at all. It says that my offline club members were offline 4 days, but this is untrue, 4 days ago was when i started playing on this new PC. I can summon club quests but it wont show up in menu, so I have no control over them. I also cannot accept some club quest for some reason.

I tried deleting and downloading trove again but nothin changed. I haven't observe other players having the same problem. This might be an issue relating to my PC since it occured when I played there. But I would like to still keep playing on this PC but this issue is a hindrance. Please fix

EDIT: I figured it out. The new PC I used had a wrong Internet time/wasnt synced with Internet Time. Now that I synced it, club menu works fine now. :3