Hello Trovians,

Today's Delves hotfix is complete and PC is back online now!

We have some great changes coming in and hope everyone is enjoying some time in the Sunfest event! We've very happy to celebrate Trove's 5th anniversary with you all. Today there's updates to challenges, experience, and also some appearances in game. Additionally, we'll look to add these and other changes onto consoles in the future.

Here is a small summary of today's Patch Notes:

• Experience granted in delves is now based on the active class level. Characters with PR much higher than the appropriate delve depth will not receive experience.
• Store descriptions will appear in English now for languages besides English, German, and French.

Bug Fixes:
• Racing challenges will no longer appear during Sunfest.
• Fixing the tail for Sun-taur, Banner-holder of the Tysorion Front.

Thanks for playing Trove!

Best wishes,
Your Trove Team