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Thread: Sunfest 2020 House Badges glitched

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    Post Sunfest 2020 House Badges glitched

    Playing through Sunfest 2020 on XboxOne, I noticed that once I completed the questline, the badges you can repurchase through Qubesly all show the description and abilities for the House of Tysorion, even though I have chosen House Carys and played through the questline with Carys.

    I also cannot activate or equip the newly obtained daily badges from my inventory.

    Platform: XboxOne
    Gamertag: KranosWraithe
    Expected outcome: place badge on hotkey bar, in similar fashion to equiping bombs.
    Actual outcome: badge cannot be added to toolbar or interacted with after finishing initial questline.

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    Had the same problem

    Changed from House Ty yesterday, but the badge didn't change, and now it won't activate, despite getting a new one.

    Platform: XboxOne
    Gamertag: GothFrog
    Expected outcome: place badge on hotkey bar, activate to summon follower.
    Actual outcome: Badge cannot be clicked on, activated or interacted with in any way.

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    Workaround for Equipping House Badges

    I overheard a workaround for equipping the house badges by having the server auto-equip it into an empty hotkey bar slot for you.
    1. Empty a slot on your hotkey bar. You can consume the currently-equipped item, or move it from your inventory into your Personal Chest.
    2. Move the house badge to an empty spot in your inventory. If you can't find an empty spot, instead pick a different item and swap its position with the badge.
    If it still doesn't auto-equip into the empty slot, try logging back in or changing worlds to force a refresh of your current equipment. (I once had a THE ORB taking up a hotkey bar slot on the server even though it showed as consumed in my client.)

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