Our golden dragon, Luxion, is back in our hub!

This time around Luxion is fully stocked up with mounts so you can travel with swagger during your various adventures in the world of Trove!
Admire all these magnificent mounts that he carries with him and let us know your favorites!

From July 10, it will be waiting for you near the Dragon Crucible in the Hub, and on July 13, it will magically disappear at 1:00 p.m. CEST.

[center]Here are Luxion's special offers!


What are you waiting for ? Mount up and head on over now, dear Troviens!

Luxion’s loot is a way for players who missed limited-time items in the past to pick them up directly. You will also find brand new items at a higher Dragon Coin price periodically. Items will repeat eventually, but it may take a while for a specific piece of loot to return so be sure to check back on every visit!