Celebrate the biggest party of the year in Trove: Sunfest! It's not just any summer party, but also our birthday party since Trove is celebrating it's 5 year birthday this year!

What's new with Sunfest this year?
When you enter the game, the first adventure is shown on the top right of your screen or in the adventure book (key I) in the "Events" tab.

Complete the adventure series to unlock an incredible exclusive mount!

Select one of the three available houses by talking with Qubesly, found in the middle of the Hub.

Here are the three houses that are available:
Tysorion House

Panatea House

Carys House

Each house has it's own perks and personalities! Donate house coins and activate your house badge to dedicate yourself to your chosen house!

Once you activate the badge, you will also have an awesome little ally to accompany you on your adventures for your house. The ally may disappear every time you change worlds, but you can reactivate it!

Complete the daily adventures for your house, earn house coins that can be exchanged with your house champion for great rewards, and donate them to your house. The best donors will get further rewards, be sure to check out the rankings!

Go to the Hub to donate:

But that's not all!

Qubesly is building a bonfire for the goddess of the sun and it's up to you, Trovians, to light the fire! The shadows are seeking to spoil the fun and keep trying to steal the sticks necessary to light it.

How do you light the bonfire and collect house coins?
It's super simple: go into an adventure world and activate your house badge. Look for monsters in the world that are from the shadows.

Defeat these shadow enemies to loot sticks and house coins!

What's this new portal in the Hub?

Every few hours a new portal appears in the Hub, where you can face off against the Moontouched Menace special event boss.

Complete all event adventure quests as well as daily adventures to get many marvelous rewards!
Activate your badge, hunt for shadow enemies to the light the bonfire, and earn house coins!
Donate to your house to climb the donor leaderboard and get extra rewards!
Don't forget to challenge the Moontouched Menace if you see the portal in the Hub for special rewards!

Sunfest will start from July 7, 2020 at 4:00am PST / 13:00 CEST until July 21, 2020 at 4:00am PST / 13:00 CEST!

Reminder: all event specific items will disappear at the end of Sunfest (temporary badge, coins, and more).

Have a blast at Sunfest!