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Thread: Sending error report fails, error #2005:0002

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    Sending error report fails, error #2005:0002

    The last several times Trove/Glyph crashed on me, when I try to send the error report, it fails with the following message:

    Trove - Error Handler

    Sending error report

    The report couldn't be sent at this time (error #2005:0002).
    Please try again in a few minutes.

    -red bar-

    --> Try again

    --> Send later
    The report will be sent the next time you encounter an error.

    Not a big deal, but just letting y'all know.

    Here's an image of the message (if I can make this work):
    .-._. hortensis & montana ._.-.

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    Thanks for the report Satureja, it has been passed onto the team

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    Happened to me like 3 times now. Don't think I have successfully send a report ever.

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