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Thread: Luxion Wish List

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    Luxion Wish List

    Hi all, I figured just MAYBE the Trove developers will read things posted here. Why not post what you'd like Luxion to bring? It seems like every week most players I talk to are VERY bummed at what Luxion has to offer. Week after week after week after week... nothing new for them. For me, it's Angry Poop. I missed this silly ally last fall

    Another great suggestion I've heard - Why not allow Luxion to have TWO tabs of goodies each time he visits?

    Post your wish list in the thread if you care to do so

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    Luxion job is to give players who missed out on event items, people complaining that luxion doesnt have anything new is somewhat a good thing, having that opportunity to even have a chance is better than none at all so I would say give it time.

    Luxion will only have a certain inventory each time so that item will come in rotation sooner or later normally when they were released when you missed it, if said event is different that year. Certain items should have a prestigious effect to them so allowing the people who played during that time an did the event have that mastery over others for 6-12 months seems like a good trade off of never getting it at all.

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