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Thread: Mouse jerking problem

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    Unhappy Mouse jerking problem

    Time: Started happening a couple weeks ago and hasn't stopped since.

    Context: At any point while playing trove

    Expected: smooth mouse movement that doesn't jerk in random directions

    Observed: the camera often will "snap" or "jerk" in various directions while playing, which is both disorienting and makes gameplay highly irritating.

    Repro: This issue doesn't seem to occur for everyone so I'm not sure how to "reproduce" it but anyway;

    1: exist in the world of trove

    2: start moving your camera around. It seems to happen more frequently when you move your camera quickly, or if you are moving the camera at the same time as your character.

    3: watch as the camera snaps in random directions, making just basic movement really frustrating

    I've searched around the internet for solutions, but nothing has worked so far. Disabling razor synapse didn't work. Disabling enhanced pointer precision didn't work. I've tried using windowed, fullscreen, and fullscreen windowed mode, none of which changed anything. Messing around with mouse sensitivity doesn't seem to do anything.

    Here is a video of the bug in action:


    as you can see at 0:08, 0:21, 0:43, and 1:13, the bug occurs.

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    Hi Gigalith

    Maybe it's a problem with your mouse not with the game. Did you try to plug in different mouse?
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    I tried three other mice of different brands and the problem still occurred with each one. Additionally, I hadn't changed my mouse when the issue started happening, and similar problems don't occur in any other game with the same mouse.

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    I only have it that bad when I'm really stressing my system with multiple copies of Trove running, the mouse cursor will fly out of the game window with small movements (you can check the position of the mouse by opening the UI, you'll find the mouse isn't centered sometimes.. which makes the camera go funky)

    generic mouse, tried all those things myself also, please try another method of tracking the mouse?
    I remember when peoples cameras used to spin infinitely and I haven't seen that in years, keep trying.

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