Here are a list of known bug's I have encountered whilst playing. I have 2 friends from America who also encounter these's and I myself play on PS4 PRO and my girlfriend play's on PS4 Slim who also get's the same bug's. (i'm from UK)

1. Loading screen error's
Game will sometime's teleport back to Hub world during adventure play. Game can also fail to load Club world's (club world access appear's to be worst ).

I have been unable to play a few time's due to any Portal and access via Atlas would not load any world/club/bomber royale. This has happened to me twice in past 7 day's. I would teleport back to Hub after along load time or load screen would stay there and be back to Trove's login screen. I was stuck in Hub. Attempted for over 2 hour's.

Shadow tower can be kicked out during transition to next floor. Solo tend's to be more stable but can still encounter infinite loading screen error (then teleport back to Hub).

Bomber royale most stable but can happen there also.

2. Graphical Glitch's.

Black line's or some weird pixelted graphical glitch will appear blocking half the screen or more depending on the angle of the character (moving the camera).
Can also appear on other player's and be seen from afar.

Other bug's less serious.
Sometime's game will fail to load a chunk of block's in the game world usually a 3 star dungeon and me and other's will get stuck in area not loaded and will be un-able to move until the area is loaded.

Usually during flight/gliding a player can be seen constantly falling and instantly fly back up to there correct position.

The game itself can become very laggy I use a wired connection.

The atlas screen is insanely laggy sometime's just freeze's. Simple fix is /setui scale 1.1-1.4

I love this game I just hope the loading screen and connectivity get's fixed in the next update, Has this can make this game near unplayable.

Can I also make a suggestion on adding a graphic's options has the older playstation's drop alot of frame's, don't know if that's down to poor optimization but some simple command's ease this. e.g (/postssao /postbloom ect).

I can assure you these bug's listed are effecting multiple people.

Thank you if you need any help or more info please feel free to ask.

PSN: AshUltimega
Trove: Ashultimega