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Thread: collection inert geode bugging

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    collection inert geode bugging

    Hello, I'd like to report a bug in the form of collecting it to Inert geode. When I collected 600 of them I can't exceed 900 because it shows me that I have full in invertors, and I don't have full in invertors. Below is a screen with a problem.

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    There is a cap on how many you collect, you can increase it with geode wallet expansions though I think there are only 3 you can buy as of now.
    There are two of them from an NPC inside the delves building in the hub, he sells one for inert geodes and another for a obsidian delver coin. (reward from 500 challenge delves badge)
    The store also has one for credits under the geode section.

    Whenever your inert geode wallet is full it spams that message, not sure if its intended to spam :/

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